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Creating handcrafted wines with grapes sourced from vineyards in Oregon, Southeast Washington State, and Idaho. We are excited to make and share extraordinary wines at an approachable price. You can buy online and in select wine shops. Learn more and buy now here.

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To Be or Not To Be Influenced By Ratings

When I first started enjoying wine, I struggled with knowing which ones were good and whether I should like them or not. I stressed out at tasting that I should know more than I did, and I had a hard time identifying characteristics. “Really? Fruit leather and tanning hide? I’m not getting that.” Looking back, […]

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Bottling The Red Table Wine – Small House Winery

It’s time for a new video! We’re at the Small House Winery bottling the Red Table Wine today. Patrick Werry does the talking and Jon Harding does the work. (Patrick is the eye candy?) Kidding, of course. In this quick interview, we asked Patrick what’s in the red, how they went about making the blend, […]

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The Perfect Valentines Day Wine Selection Guide

Día del Amor y la Amistad. It’s the Day of Love and Friendship. I just did some research on Valentine’s Day and was surprised to learn it’s not as much of a Hallmark holiday as I had thought. It turns out Saint Valentine was persecuted for conducting weddings for soldiers who were forbidden from marrying. […]

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