About Us

Small House Winery, in Sandpoint, Idaho sources its grapes from some of the finest vineyards in the northwest; in the Willamette Valley of Oregon and Washington State.

The first vintage was released in November 2013 and you can purchase wines here on this site. We will keep this site updated as they become available in local stores and restaurants or you can sign up for our email list over the on the right to be notified of any news.

Contact Us: 

Phone: 208.290.2016

The Small House Winery Story

Jon and Patrick, two friends who love wine, were feeling restless and in need of a creative outlet. One night over some wine, (maybe too much?) they decided they could do this themselves. “You know, why don’t we make wine?”

Both have full-time jobs and live in the mountains so of course, they need some time to play as well. However, they went about teaching themselves how to make wine in their free time. And they figured out how to buy grapes from the finest grape-growing regions in the US; Willamette Valley, Yakima, and Walla Walla, Washington. <– that is harder than it sounds. Growers won’t just sell their fruit to anyone.

During harvest, they drive down to pick up the grapes. They started talking to people in the industry and going to small winemaker events such as the Portland Indie Wine Festival and tastings all over the country.

The first Small House was a glorified storage unit. They brought in a shipment of Pinot Noir grapes and the first vintage was crushed, fermented and put in barrels to age. Meanwhile, they both continue to work their jobs in the resort town of Sandpoint and tend to the wine in their off-time.

Price should not be a barrier for wine lovers to to enjoy extraordinary wines.

The vision is to lovingly create delicious, approachable wines, and to one day, just be winemakers.

They touch every piece of fruit, sort it by hand, press it by hand, and ferment it by hand. They constantly taste as they progress (it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.)

Why Small House? We are a small group of people and want to stay small. They would have called it La Petite Maison, but that sounds pretentious and they aren’t French, so they went with Small House.

Welcome to our house.