Bottling The Red Table Wine – Small House Winery

It’s time for a new video! We’re at the Small House Winery bottling the Red Table Wine today. Patrick Werry does the talking and Jon Harding does the work. (Patrick is the eye candy?) Kidding, of course. In this quick interview, we asked Patrick what’s in the red, how they went about making the blend, […]

The Perfect Valentines Day Wine Selection Guide

Día del Amor y la Amistad. It’s the Day of Love and Friendship. I just did some research on Valentine’s Day and was surprised to learn it’s not as much of a Hallmark holiday as I had thought. It turns out Saint Valentine was persecuted for conducting weddings for soldiers who were forbidden from marrying. […]

Introducing Samantha Carston: From the Wine Cellar

The wine cellar can be a dark and lonely place.  So we thought we’d shed some light on it and introduce you to one of the faces behind the scene. It’s Samantha Carston: Retail buyer at Schweitzer, jazz/blues singer, and cellar rat extraordinaire. At this stage in the winery evolution, the winery is all about taking. […]

The Perfect Thanksgiving Wine Pairing Guide

Today’s blog post is written by Jon Harding.  It’s next week! Have you decided what you’ll be pouring with your Thanksgiving feast? We put just as much, if not more effort into choosing the wine for the holidays as we put into the actual menu planning. Some of you might concentrate on the turkey and […]

Northwest Malbec: The Next Big Thing? Or Not?

Depending on who you believe, Malbec is either the next big thing in the Northwest or it’s … maybe it isn’t. Malbec is a red grape varietal originating in Bordeaux, France. Argentina, however, is the country that gave Malbec it’s own spotlight and brought her into the mainstream. Many wonderful wines come from the Mendoza region because […]

Northwest Rosé: Embrace the Pink

Until recently, Rosé has suffered from an image problem. It’s pink, and it gets a bad rap. But rosé isn’t just for the ladies of the 80s anymore. Rosé is often stereotyped as a white zinfandel but that’s just one varietal in the rosé genre. In reality, a rosé is made with any red wine grape – could […]

Vineyards vs. Wineries

It’s that time of year again. We’re making runs down south into Idaho and over to the Columbia Valley in Washington State to pick up grapes. Many of you have asked us how we can have a winery in Idaho – and how we grow the grapes. There’s a difference between a vineyard and a […]

Remembering The Day You Fell in Love With Wine

Last month, a few of us attended a wine dinner at Coldwater Creek hosted by Woodward Canyon. Winemaker RIck Small shared a story with us about the Meursault he tasted decades prior to founding Woodward Canyon. It proved to be an epiphany for him; it was the moment he fell in love, and knew he wanted […]

Aging the Wine and Designing the Label

Harvest was late this year due to a cooler summer that affected grape growth and had winemakers all over the country were wringing their hands worried about sugar levels. Harvest is the labor intensive time requiring many hours in the winery. Once that was done in late November, we were able to devote some energy […]