Buying Wine on the Web: The Future for Small Northwest Wineries

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online wine buyingThere are a few reasons you might be buying wine.

One of the most popular I’m guessing, is the immediate need for a hell yeah glass of wine right now. In which case, you’re running to the nearest store (if you don’t keep a stocked cellar) to make a choice from whatever is available.

On the other hand, maybe you’re traveling and just sampled a local wine. You had an amazing meal with a wonderful wine and bringing home more of it would be a lovely souvenir. 

Or, maybe you want to stock your cellar. Many wines improve with age and a lot of us joke that we can’t hold on to wine long enough to find out for ourselves. We just trust what Paul Masson said.

But let’s get back to that first scenario. Depending on where you live, you might not have access to really interesting wines. Sometimes we’re held hostage by the wine buyers in our local grocery store and we don’t have the opportunity to explore and expand our palettes. That’s where buying wine on the web comes in.

According to a recent New York Times article on “Buying Wine on the Web,”

The Internet accounts for only a tiny fraction of worldwide wine sales. Most people buy their wine at local shops or supermarkets.”

That’s not surprising news. American bureaucracy makes selling wine online difficult with state by state regulations varying. In Europe, you can easily order wine online from any other European Union country without difficulty. For example, Slurp, a British-based online wine retailer targets a younger French audience with wines from all over the world. The reason being, most French wine shops are very focused on, well, French wines. And why wouldn’t they be?

Buying Wine on the Web Expands the Palette

We have a few go-to online wine shops we frequent so we can satisfy our own wine knowledge.

  1. The Nordstrom of online wines – browse by price, Wine Spectator rating, varietal, region, or any other way you care to slice and dice it. 
  2. K and L Wines: This site offers inside deals, a blog with great news and ideas, and interesting auctions. We always find new gems here.
  3. Wines Til Sold Out:Fantastic small and handcrafted wines from all over the world. The price decreases each day until it’s sold out.

Coming soon, find our Northwest wines here at Small House Winery. 

There is a great deal of curiosity about small handcraft winemakers; specifically Northwest wines. Our wines will be available locally in shops, supermarkets, and restaurants, as well as here on this website. We don’t have a wide distribution plan yet. We just won’t have inventory to satisfy the requirements.

We see online wine sales an important part of the future for small wineries and we love the opportunities it brings to get fine Northwest wines into homes all over the country.

We think we are making something different, and unusual. More than a few times our taste testers (someone has to do it!) have commented that our 2010 Viognier is unlike anything they’ve tasted.

We’re curious to know about you. How do you make wine purchase decisions? Do you buy wine on the web? Is it something you buy on impulse when you’re in the grocery store? Or do you prefer to keep a stocked wine cellar? Have any good wine websites you’d like to add to our list?

*Thanks to Vinfolio for the image. 

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