Remembering The Day You Fell in Love With Wine

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Last month, a few of us attended a wine dinner at Coldwater Creek hosted by Woodward Canyon. Winemaker RIck Small shared a story with us about the Meursault he tasted decades prior to founding Woodward Canyon. It proved to be an epiphany for him; it was the moment he fell in love, and knew he wanted to make wine.

It made me think we all have our love at first sight moments, right?

That time when we first became enamored by wine… I remember mine quite vividly – the night I tasted my first Pinot Noir at the Broadmoor Hotel, in Colorado. I was in my early twenties and a maitre d’ at The Tavern. I had never really experienced wine before but we had wine tastings as part of our professional development.

I know, it doesn’t sound very romantic, but I was swept off my feet. The color was gorgeous, but the bouquet was really what stood out for me. It had a very earthy nose. I don’t even remember the wine itself. I don’t remember the name, or even the actual taste, other than remembering how I loved it so. Sometimes the emotional connection is all it takes. To this day, I still know the bouquet and I’d love to find it again.

Jon and I chose Pinot Noir as our first wine to make. It’s one of the more difficult to work with, but it’s part of our quest to find and create a beautiful wine. We sort of went all in, because we love a good challenge.

We all started somewhere and it can seem like a long, uphill road at times. Hearing the stories from successful and respected winemakers is an inspiration. Some day soon, we’ll be at Small House Wine dinners sharing our stories.

So tell me your story. When did you first fall in love with wine?

– Patrick


Proves the old adage,"DREAM YOUR PAINTING AND THEN PAINT YOUR DREAM"...Congratulations Patrick! @BillWerry