Small House Winery Will Start Bottling Soon

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We’ve been working for three years, crushing and de-stemming grapes, fermenting and aging in barrels. Hard to believe that in December, we’ll begin bottling our first vintage; the 2008 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir  and our 2010 Washington Viognier (from 35-year old vines).

We would have bottled sooner but we just got settled into our new, expanded digs. We had to relocate from our modest beginnings aka the glorified storage unit in the *Garage Village* community to work towards getting legal.

Thanks to all your requests, we decided we better get a site launched and start gathering email addresses to keep you informed of pre-order discounts, private tasting events, and more news.

Our priorities right now are to get the Pinot and the Viognier bottled, and to finish all the BS paperwork in order to get legal. We’ve commissioned artwork for the label and are working to get that done as well.

It’s really rewarding to hear the anticipation coming from you guys. We are feeling pretty excited about making some quality wine we know you will enjoy. So please, sign up over there on the right, or subscribe to this blog.

Trust me, we won’t be inundating you with emails. We’re too busy to do that, but we will let you know what’s coming up next, and you won’t miss a single thing. We promise that much.

We’d love to hear from you. Please don’t be shy. Ask your questions in the comments and we’ll know what you want to hear in this blog.

Jennifer Fortune
Jennifer Fortune

These purple stained barrels are great landscaping features!


Just wondering when we can taste or buy a Small House wine?  I love the label- creates a welcoming feeling, filled with comfort and contentment.  The colors reach out and embrace.  Very nice.